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HopeRoad’s Microfinance Program


HopeRoad’s Microfinance Program started with a small group of women in Kipsongo, Kenya who were struggling to feed their children on a daily basis. With a small loan from a donor here in the states, they received training and support to start their own jewelry business and they are thriving! They’re making monthly interest free payments, each committing 10% of their income to savings, and deciding as a group how to reinvest their earnings to make sure their business continues to grow.

A small loan of $400 has completely turned their lives around, securing a future for both them and their children. This is how the circle of poverty is broken for women in the developing world – one individual at a time given an opportunity to learn and thrive.

Join HopeRoad in creating more opportunity for women worldwide with a donation of $400 to sponsor a Microfinance Group today. You’ll receive detailed information on your group, as well as progress reports and photos.

Want to partially finance a group? That’s welcome too. Your partial donation will go towards the financing of a new group and funds will be dispersed as soon as the goal for that group has been met. We have groups ready to get started today!

Consider joining HopeRoad in this life changing program. Send any questions to Inquiries@HopeRoadUS.ngo