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New York City – May 2018


HopeRoad is heading back to the Big Apple!

HopeRoad is partnering with three well-established nonprofits in New York City to help bring relief to those in need. Each day we’re there, we’ll be working with one or all of them on these very important tasks:

  • 48.1 million Americans are living in food insecure households, including 15.3 million children, which means they don’t know where their next meal will come from, yet 40% of all food manufactured in the United States is thrown away. We’re going to be partnering with an organization that’s working to bridge that gap through food rescue programs.
  • Did you know that most children living below poverty level, including those in shelters, foster care, and safe houses, have never even owned a pair of pajamas? Many have never been tucked in at night or read to. We’re going to make sure that a lot of children in need of books of their own, a warm pair of pajamas, and a warm hug from someone who believes in them, receive all of those things and more.
  • Many families all over the country are without the bare necessities of child rearing. Blankets, diapers, even a crib where their baby can sleep safely, are not attainable. We’re going to be working with an organization that makes sure all of these needs are met, all over the country, bringing relief to struggling families.

The dates of this exciting trip are May 27 – June 1, 2018

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